Video presentations based on my website pages

Please find here a link to my YouTube channel.

There, you will find video presentations on the following, among others:

Les Miserables (complete or in five parts)

Jean de Florette (complete or in two parts)

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (complete or in two parts)

The Sand Pebbles (complete or in two parts)

Les Enfants du Paradis (complete or in two parts)

Luc Besson films (in two parts)

Les Choristes        Notre Dame de Paris        Cyrano de Bergerac (English or French)       

A Comparison of Valjean and Javert        Kean        Attila Marcel        Chinatown

The Searchers        Gran Torino        Existentialism in Blade Runner        Prometheus

Lawrence of Arabia        The Last Samurai        The Professionals (1966)

Dances With Wolves        Sweet Smell of Success        A Tale of Two Cities (1958)

Why films are important and worthy of study        Appreciation of Steve McQueen

Judgment at Nuremberg        The Name of the Rose        High Plains Drifter

Casablanca Forrest        Gump The Prisoner (1967 TV)        An Inspector Calls

Five Easy Pieces        Kingdom of Heaven        Science-fiction films        Being there

Mr Holmes        The African Queen        We're no Angels        Planet of the Apes (1967)

Angel films        The Magnificent Seven (1960)        James Bond films        Papillon(73)

It's a Wonderful Life        Seven Samurai        Existentialism in the cinema

Don Quixote        Public Eye (TV)        Potted Philosophy        Use of humour in drama

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre       The Wild Bunch       Elmer Gantry       Unforgiven       The Outlaw Josey Wales       

Inherit the Wind       Rollerball       The Invention of Lying       Finding Forrester       The Third Man       

The Shootist       Once Upon a Time in Hollywood       The Long Good Friday       The Bridge on the river Kwai

Spartacus       The Adventures of Robin Hood       Apocalypse Now



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