Review notes for “Untouchable” (Intouchables)



Based on real-life events, “Untouchable” tells the story of an unlikely friendship which develops between Philippe, victim of a tragic sporting accident now left quadriplegic, and Driss, a young man who lacks direction and who has wandered into petty crime, but is hired by Philippe as his home help.


Many themes are touched upon in the course of the story. Clearly, there is the theme of the nature of friendship whose development we witness as the two men grow closer and become increasingly dependent on one another (while Driss offers Philippe movement and joy, Philippe provides stability and a sense of dignity for Driss).


Despair and how to combat it is also touched upon, as both Philippe and Driss encounter difficult moments and each helps the other to overcome these bad times.


Of course, family, loyalty and devotion also play their part in the proceedings as Philippe and Driss support one another and confront issues while maintaining a sense of humour, an essential element in the successful solution to their various problems and issues.


Although the two men are very different and come from vastly different backgrounds, they also share many qualities and complement one another to allow them to support and help one another.


Beautifully acted by both leads, and very ably supported throughout, this is a heart-warming and touching story which offers inspiration to those who have known difficult times.



Writing notes


Aim to write 150 – 200 words about the film. Below, you will find some vocabulary to help you, though it is only there to offer guidance – you may well want to go your own way.


In terms of structuring your writing, an outline of the story is always helpful, and then a brief description of the two main characters (indicating qualities they share and their differences) would also be of interest. You might want to identify the main themes, and a personal reaction, saying what you thought of the film, is essential.





C’est l’histoire de …                           it’s the story of …

Victime d’un accident tragique             victim of a tragic accident

Un marginal                                        outsider

Tétraplégique                                     quadraplegic

Embaucher                                         to hire             

Assistant social                                   personal assistant

Problèmes familiaux                            family problems

Problèmes de santé                            health problems

Ensemble                                           together

Fournir                                               to provide



Personnages principaux




Riche                                       wealthy

Isolé                                        isolated, alone

Déprimé                                  depressed

Frustré                                     frustrated

Intelligent                                  intelligent

Instruit                                      educated

Cultivé                                      cultured

Fier                                           proud

Philosophique                            philosophical

Loyal                                        loyal

A un sens de l’humour               has a sense of humour

Problèmes sur le plan …           problems concerning ….


Il est souvent                           he is often …

Il peut être …                          he can be …..


On peut                                   one can / might

Avoir pitié de lui                       to take pity on him

Il n’en veut pas                         he doesn’t want it






Attentionné (malgré les apparences)



Peu instruit

Peu cultivé

A un sens de l’humour solide


Au point où …







Problèmes sur le plan …



Traits qu’ils partagent

Différences entre leurs caractères







Le désespoir

La famille

La loyauté


Porter l’aide, l’un à l’autre



Réaction personnelle


J’ai trouvé ce film …                          I found this film …

Lent                                                   slow

Peu intéressant                                   not very interesting

Touchant                                            touching


Parce que …                                      because

A cause de …                                    because of

C’était …

Bien/mal joué                                      well/badly acted

Certaines scènes étaient

Tandis que                                          while

D’autres étaient …                              others were …