“Les Rivières Pourpres” (Crimson Rivers)                                                                                                                            Review notes





Made in 2000, directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, script by Jean-Christophe Grangé, and starring Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel


“Crimson Rivers” is the story of the pursuit of a serial killer operating in the south east of France, based in and around a world-renowned university.


Specialist Pierre Niemans is sent to the scene and is aided by unorthodox policeman Max Kerkerian. Together, they unravel the secrets of both the killer and the university.


Combining French attention to character and detail and American focus on plot and action, the film is exciting, troubling and thrilling.




The Writing Task


You should aim to produce 150 – 200 words. To help structure your writing, you should use the following bullet points:


·                    Provide production details

·                    Give a brief outline of the story

·                    Describe the main character(s) in some detail

·                    Give your general opinion of the film


General information


Un film à suspense                             thriller

Un film d’action                                 action film

Un film policier                                  crime thriller

Un film romantique                            romance

Un film comique                                comedy

Un film historique                               historical

Tourné en ….                                    Made in …. (deux mille)

Produit en ….                                    Made in ….

(La) mise en scène de …                    direction by … (Mathieu Kassovitz)

(Le) scénario de …                            script               Jean-Christophe Grangé

Avec ….                                            With                Jean Reno, Vincent Cassell




C’est l’histoire de …                           it’s the story of …

Il s’agit de …                                      it is about

Un homme qui …                                a man who

Une femme qui …                               a woman who

Un tueur (en série)                               killer (serial killer)

Un criminel                                          criminal

Mener une enquête                              to lead an investigation

Aidé par                                              helped by

Compliqué                                           complicated

Difficile à suivre                                    difficult to follow

On découvre …                                   we discover

Cacher                                                 to hide

Un secret                                             a secret







Peu orthodoxe

Peu respectueux

Un peu lunatique






Personal reaction


J’ai trouvé le film ….                I found the film ….

Passionnant                              exciting

Décevant                                 disappointing

Effrayant                                  frightening

Comique                                  funny

Ridicule                                    ridiculous

Souvent                                   often

Parfois                                     sometimes

Jouer                                       to play / to act

Complexe                                complex

Assez                                       fairly

Pas assez                                 not enough

Trop                                        too

Excessivement                         excessively

C’était                                     it was

Suivre (suivi)                            to follow

L’histoire                                 storyline

Le style                                    style

Lent                                         slow

Rapide                                     fast

Français                                   French

Le développement                   development

Un personnage                        character

Américain                                american

Action                                     action

Recommander à                      to recommend