Riddles with cryptic clues




"What kind of a mind thinks of things like that?" is my frequent reaction to cryptic clues, especially after I've been given the answer!


Still, there is something fascinating about riddles and cryptic clues, so I thought I'd give it a go from the "other side".


My wife and son tried to find the solutions with the following clues. Their reaction? "What kind of a mind thinks of things like that?"


All answers to clues have some connection with film, though the solution words themselves will not.


Answers, containing the final word AND the solution to each clue, may be sent to stuartfernie@yahoo.co.uk . There are no prizes - just the satisfaction of getting it right, and being mentioned on this page (with permission).


Good luck!


 Stuart Fernie





No. 1


My first begins what a friend is to be, according to a dragon whose death was no game.


My second is the perpendicular pronoun by which Sir Humphrey referred to himself.


My third is first after seven - before magnificent.


My fourth is in the middle of being awaited.


My fifth starts a sixth title with a common bond.


My sixth starts by the sea where the wretches worked in a factory.



I am priceless to some, but without value to those who ignore me - what am I?






No. 2


My first is at the beginning of the second last samurai.


My second is a rocket-toppler with a Ph.D.


My third is at the end of a designer label actor.


My fourth is a courageous hero at the centre.


My fifth said, "Don't concentrate on the finger ...


My sixth played Misty while beguiling a stranger.


My seventh starts ? + ??


My eighth made me an offer ...


My ninth is my Mini’s other side.



According to Plato, I am "justified true belief". What am I?







No. 3 (and final!)


My first is simple - no need for a detective.


My second is also known as Poquelin.


My third is an escaped butterfly.


My fourth starts in silence and foxily returns after eight bells.


My fifth ended up in politics.


My sixth - Wayne and Sinatra wouldn't be dirty ...


My seventh - Yes, I am talking to ...



I am sympathetic and understanding - what do I offer?



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