Mr. Fernie worked as a teacher of French for 35 years in a small secondary school in the Highlands of Scotland.

Below, you will find links to materials used during his time there.


In S1, S2 and S3 "Studio 1" and "Studio 2" were used to deliver French within learners’ Broad General Education.

Each book contains five modules, accompanied by workbook exercises and vocabulary for each module.


To deliver National 4 and 5, “Studio 3” was used, though learners could also do research on a topic of their choosing and deliver a presentation on that topic.


Higher and Advanced Higher were delivered using materials gathered by the department, following SQA guidelines.

Considerable use was made of DVD and video clips to help bring French to life and enliven classes – notes on films are available by following the appropriate link.


Useful teaching and learning documents

Extended Viewing and Writing (films and literature)

Grammar notes and exercises

Exercises based on grammar notes