This/that + noun

The word for "this" or "that" will change according to the number and gender of the noun that follows it.

e.g.             ce stylo                 masc/sing noun

                   cet hôtel               masc/sing noun, beginning with vowel or "h"

                   cette femme          fem/sing noun

                   ces élèves             plural noun

This one/that one

The expressions used to express "this one" and "that one" must agree with the number and gender of the nouns to which 
they refer.

This one                                                     That one

celui-ci             masc/sing noun                 celui-là

celle-ci             fem/sing noun                    celle-là

ceux-ci             masc/plural noun               ceux-là

celles-ci           fem/plural noun                  celles-là



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