Reflexive verbs

Reflexive verbs are verbs which require an object, usually a pronoun object (myself, yourself, himself etc.).

In French there is no verb "to get", therefore you can’t say "I get washed". Instead you must think about who is being washed and so you must say "I wash myself". The words for "myself", "yourself" etc. are pronoun objects and as such must go before the verb in French.

e.g.     Je me lave                 I get washed                 (I wash myself)

            Tu te laves               You get washed            (you wash yourself)

            Il/elle se lave            He/She gets washed      (he washes himself)

            Nous nous lavons       We get washed             (we wash ourselves)

            Vous vous lavez          You get washed            (you wash yourself)

            Ils/elles se lavent       They get washed           (they wash themselves)

You must remember to add the correct ending to go with the person as usual, but you must also remember to put the correct reflexive or pronoun object before the verb (this must also agree with the person).

In the infinitive form (to be found in the dictionary) there will be a "se" before the infinitive form of the verb. Here this means "oneself".

Common reflexive verbs

se lever         to get up                 s’ennuyer       to be bored

se réveiller     to wake up             se coucher       to go to bed

se détendre   to relax                  s’habiller          to get dressed

se fâcher        to get angry           s’endormir        to fall asleep

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Translate the following phrases. Scroll down to find solutions.




1)                  I wake up             


2)                  I get up                             


3)                  I have a shower                


4)                  I get dressed                    


5)                  I go to bed                       


6)                  We get up             


7)                  She gets dressed  


8)        You(v) get annoyed          


9)        They have a shower          


10) You (t) go to bed       








1)      Je me réveille

2)      Je me lève

3)      Je me douche

4)      Je m’habille

5)      Je me couche

6)      Nous nous levons

7)      Elle s’habille

8)      Vous vous fâchez

9)      Ils se douchent

10)  Tu te couches