The present tense may be expressed in three ways in English:


I work

I am working

I do work


It is expressed in only one way in French, in this case "je travaille".


The present tense is expressed by using the person, followed by the verb with the correct ending. You should NOT attempt to put in a word for "am", "is", "are" or "do" when using the present in French.



Take the infinitive form of the verb, remove the infinitive ending ("er", "re" or "ir") and add an ending to go with the person you are using.


                                        ER VERBS            RE VERBS             IR VERBS

JE (I)                               e                                s                                 is

TU (YOU)                       es                              s                                 is

IL (HE)                            e                                -      &nnbsp;                          it

ELLE (SHE)                     e                               -      &nnbsp;                          it

NOUS (WE)                    ons                          ons                               issons

VOUS (you)                     ez                            ez                                 issez

ILS (THEY)                      ent                          ent                                issent

ELLES (THEY)                ent                           ent                               issent


examples: (for regular verbs only irregular verbs must be learned separately)


                                    je travaille            je vends            je finis

                                    nous travaillons    nous vendons    nous finissons

                                    elles travaillent      elles vendent    elles finissent


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Translate the following phrases. Scroll down to find solutions.


1)      Im looking for my pen


2)      They are selling the car


3)      We finish at 3.30


4)      She is wearing a hat!


5)      You(t) are waiting for the teacher


6)      You(v) choose a book


7)      He is watching the film


8)      We are waiting for the teacher


9)      She blushes easily






1) Je cherche mon stylo

2) Ils vendent la voiture

3) Nous finissons trois heures et demie

4) Elle porte un chapeau

5) Tu attends le professeur

6) Vous choisissez un livre

7) Il regarde le film

8) Nous attendons le professeur

9) Elle rougit facilement