Possessive adjectives – my, your, his/her, our, your, their

The words for my, your etc. change according to the number and gender of the noun which follows it.

MY                 YOUR (friend)                     HIS/HER/ITS
mon                 ton                                       son                         + masc/sing noun

ma                   ta                                         sa                           + fem/sing noun

mes                 tes                                        ses                         + plural noun

OUR             YOUR (formal)                     THEIR
notre             votre                                       leur                         + singular noun

nos                vos                                         leurs                       + plural noun

e.g.         C’est mon cartable                           This is my schoolbag (masc/sing)

               Voilà ta voiture                                There is your car (fem/sing)

               Ce sont ses frères                             These are his/her brothers (plural)

               C’est notre maison                           This is our house (singular noun)

               Où sont vos affaires?                         Where are your things? (plural noun)

               C’est leur père                                  That’s their father (singular noun)



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Translate the following phrases. Scroll down to find solutions.


1)                  My bag      (un sac)                       

2)                  His house (une maison)    

3)                  Your(v) books                              

4)                  Their friends                                 

5)                  Her brother                                   

6)                  Our homework (devoirs)  

7)                  Your(t) friend                              

8)                  My teachers (professeur)  

9)                  Our school (collège)                     

10)              Her pens (stylo)                




1)      mon sac

2)      sa maison

3)      vos livres

4)      leurs copains

5)      son frère

6)      nos devoirs

7)      ton ami/copain

8)      mes professeurs

9)      notre collège

10)  ses stylos