Future Tense


The future tense is expressed very simply in English – "I will ….". In French it is a little more complicated – the formula is as follows:


                                           Person/Subject + future root with future ending




je             ai                         For regular verbs the future root is the infinitive, to

tu             as                        which you add the future ending to go with the person

il/elle       a

nous         ons                     For irregular verbs the future root must be learned

vous         ez                       separately and may not look at all like the infinitive,

ils/elles    ont                      though you add the same endings.


e.g. Regular


je travaillerai

tu vendras (drop the "e" from the infinitive vendre)

il finira

nous écouterons

vous attendrez (drop the "e" from the infinitive attendre)

elles choisiront




verb                       future root                             example

avoir                       aur                                         j’aurai

être                          ser                                        tu seras

aller                         ir                                          il ira

faire                        fer                                         nous ferons

vouloir                    voudr                                    vous voudrez

venir                       viendr                                    elles viendront


For other irregular future roots, see the list of common irregular verbs.


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Translate the following phrases. Scroll down to find solutions.


Decide what verb is being used, whether it’s regular or irregular, go to the root, and add the correct ending.


1)                  We will listen

2)                  They(m) will go to the school

3)                  She will sell the house

4)                  You(v) will choose a subject (une matière)

5)                  You(t) will be in Paris

6)                  I will see “Taxi”

7)                  She will send a letter

8)                  We will wait for the teacher

9)                  They will go swimming tonight

10)              You(v) will be able to go to London








1)      Nous écouterons

2)      Ils iront au collège

3)      Elle vendra la maison

4)      Vous choisirez une matière

5)      Tu seras à Paris

6)      Je verrai “T”

7)      Elle enverra une lettre

8)      Nous attendrons le professeur

9)      Elles feront de la natation ce soir

10)  Vous pourrez aller à Londres